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Ai Gain, a digital assets management platform that provides sustainable profit has launched


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Ai Gain, a digital assets management platform that provides sustainable profit has launched




AI Gain is pleased to announce that its product and website  globally launched on 9th September 2019 (Monday). 


AI Gain is the combination of “Artificial Intelligence” and “Gain”. As a fast-growing professional digital assets management platform, AI Gain has a core R&D technical team and a trading team with more than 10 years of experience in the financial industry and are early-stage investors in digital assets. By bringing together collective wisdom and artificial intelligence, AI Gain excels in achieving value-added trades in the everchanging digital assets market.


With the hopes of building an international digital smart wallet, AI Gain’s strength lies within the ability to provide investors with opportunities to achieve compound interests. Digital finance will be an important path for the next generation of blockchain industry revolution, which is why AI Gain app is a must-have for investors who emphasise long-term profitable experiences. 


To complement with our low entry and a welcome bonus of $300, booster and referral programmes are in store for investors. Through three simple steps, investors not only bid farewell to complicated procedures, the one-stop management also allows them to construct sustainable profits at the very beginning. The icing on the cake would be their secure investment environment with global exchanges which support multi-currencies.


AI Gain app is user-friendly with multiple languages available, such as English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Indonesian, Thai and Vietnamese. If you think AI Gain is a Pyramid Scheme, think again. As an “one level” platform, AI Gain upheld integrity and supply transparency for global users so that they bear zero risk while enjoying profits through arbitrage at their platform. Their future aspiration is to create the firmest infrastructure in digital assets industry.


Last but not least, to celebrate this big day, AI Gain has prepared digital assets giveaway worth USD 5 million for their users!  What’s more, the giveaway will last until 30th September 2019 (Monday).  


For more information, please visit the AI Gain website at https://aigain.com


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