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Looking for Mandarin tutor/school for my children


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I am attempting to find a reasonably priced Mandarin school for my 9 year old twins. So far, the cheapest course I have found wants 1100 baht/hr (for 2) for a 60 hour course.  Now, I understand schools are for profit businesses, but that is well over the odds on what could be considered reasonable. Even in the US the pricing isn't that eggregious.


I really wish I spoke Chinese, because they clearly get paid more than anyone else in Thailand.


I am located in Rangsit on the northern edge of Greater Bangkok. Does anyone have any recommendations?





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My son, Jerry is Chinese and be good at Mandarin, English, Spanish.  Maybe you ask him directly. Hope you guys have a deal.



 Hello! I'm Jerry. I'm fluent in both English and Chinese, but I can only teach your kids online since I live in China, and if you want, I can be your tutor at a reasonable price, my email is: dengyiyang#gmail.com, (change the # to @).


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