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Where can I find a Canon repair shop ?

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I would like to have my Canon 70D checked and certainly repaired.
I know there is a Canon store in Khon Kaen, opposite the very large public hospital.
I have already been there and I noticed that the employees (I have only seen women) seem to me more busy with their smartphones, Facebook and Line than with the potential customer.
In addition I am afraid that Canon is expensive to very expensive;
is there in Khon Kaen or Bangkok or Pattaya a serious independent repairer.
I write Bangkok or Pattaya because they are very big cities where many farang live so I will be ready to go if this repairman exists.

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The Canon factory service center is at MBK. And there is a HUGE Canon shop right next to it. 4th floor.


I use AV Camera near Charoen Krung Robisons for sensor cleaning.

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