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Thailand extends foreigners' visas for a second time as coronavirus cases slow

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18 minutes ago, Sp4wnY said:

I called my language class today and they said I have to extend the visa anyway bcs the immigration is open
And something like have to extend it within 10 days of expiry and 500 baht overstay fine because it is my own fault.
I can only pray for local flights to be available again within the next two weeks. Otherwise it will be up to chance, that they will still extend it after July 31st/ me having to make a new visa.  

All of that is incorrect.

There is no way you can get another visa unless you were  able to fly somewhere to get it but you would not be able to return to Thailand. All land border crossings are closed.

You can stay until July 31st since you cannot go out to get another visa.

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OK, once they open the borders.... you go to Laos.  Quarantine in Laos?  OMG, maybe.


OK, then you come back to Thailand.  Quarantine in Thailand?  OMG.


i have a new job in the next province.  both provinces have ZERO cases, but I'll have to quarantine for 2 weeks after I get off the bus.  maybe this will change, but that's what I've been told.  

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