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BMA Spokesman clarifies reopening of businesses, activities


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BMA Spokesman clarifies reopening of businesses, activities




BANGKOK (NNT) - Some entrepreneurs in Bangkok may not be sure which businesses and activities are allowed to resume, following implemention of the fourth phase of the easing of anti-COVID-19 lockdown restrictions. For example, some restaurateurs are not certain if live music performances can take place. The Spokesman for the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA), Pol. Capt. Pongsakorn Kwanmuang, yesterday used Facebook Live to clarify the issue.


The BMA Spokesman said pubs, bars, entertainment venues and related establishments are not yet allowed to reopen. Game shops, internet cafes, massage parlors, cockfighting, bullfighting and fish-fighting events and any other similar competitions are also prohibited.


Restrictions have been eased at 11 venues. Concerts can be held, but all attendees must be seated during shows.


"People ask why attendees have to sit and watch. When attending concerts, there are two to three types of tickets, including standing, stalls and seating. When there’s some viral spread because people gather, particularly when they stand in stall areas, it’s likely that they’ll be close to each other. This can cause a spread. When we allow concerts to be held, social distancing must be observed. They have to take seats instead of standing. There are many questions about sports facilities, such as places for playing snooker, and related venues. Snooker venues can reopen, but no spectators are allowed. If there are musical shows after midnight and sales of alcoholic drinks, they are not considered an entertainment spot, not a snooker venue. If all the measures are followed even though they take place at an entertainment venue, they’re allowed to do so."


Some people question whether restaurants with live music are allowed.


"We understand musicians. That’s why we allow live music. We don’t limit the types of live music, but we focus on the venues organizing them. Pubs and similar establishments are not allowed. When we look at the second wave around the world, such as in Korea’s Itaewon, it happened because there were too many people gathering in groups. We can’t allow such entertainment venues to reopen. There can be music shows, but they have to be held in proper locations. Business owners must have a permit for organizing live music and a restaurant license. It’s important to note that they’re not entertainment venues. Restaurants can organize live music. Check out two of my previous posts about the types of restaurants that can organize live music."


According to Pol. Capt. Pongsakorn’s posts, eligible restaurants must have a license and are not classified as an entertainment venue, as stipulated in the Place of Entertainment Act (1966). If they have a proper license and permit, live music can be organized. However, they must strictly follow social distancing and other precautionary measures.



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49 minutes ago, snoop1130 said:

Some people question whether restaurants with live music are allowed

If it is allowed, they would probably have to stand two metronomes apart.

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