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Koh Samui: Eight foreigners ripped off by Thai woman over visas/work permit go to the police

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Going to a government office in a singlet just shows amazing levels of ignorance of Thai culture. He should've been turned away.

It is now totally clear that they do no longer require any dress code in niether police stations nor immigration offices.   As I look at the picture, it makes me think that the man might com

Thai culture is one thing, but on the other hand I would also assume that he would not even turn up like that at a government office in his home country! I simply to do not understand these kind of pe

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2 minutes ago, scorecard said:

 Truth is that most folks wouldn't go to report problems at a police station in any country dressed like this dude. 


Its already been explained that he was called in and went straight after work (he has a gym 100m away from the police station).... 


But... people shouldn’t let real life circumstances get in the way of an opportunity to pile some sanctimonious hate on someone they don’t know !!!!!!!! 


Geezzz.... some people - complete and total sanctimonious self righteous co<kowombles... 




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7 hours ago, webfact said:

Thanongsak said that this group was not the first to claim they had suffered. A summons had already been issued for Joy to which she had not responded,


If she does not respond to a second summons they will consider going to the court for a warrant for her arrest

How gracious of them.. 

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6 hours ago, Surelynot said:

I get ripped off every Friday and Saturday night......not always the same woman though.

Why do you feel you get ripped off, finish early before you feel you spent the monies worth?

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5 hours ago, khunPer said:

I'm always suspicious when people choose to use kind-of-agent instead of a proper source for their paperwork, like a lawyer for company registration, and the accountant or lawyer in the company where one is employed to extend a work permit and help with permission to stay based on work...:whistling:

I would lay bets that the majority of these folks were looking for an 'agent' to forward bribes for them and in those cases I hope they end up deported..

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2 hours ago, klauskunkel said:

You don't say... :coffee1:

Shouldn't there be a "mulling stage" before it becomes a consideration? (I really should not tell them how to not do their "work")...:whistling:

You mean a counter offer from Joy to the authorities 

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2 hours ago, fruitman said:

Speaking for myself i have never ever heard anything good about Thai lawyers.

In my years in Thailand I have had to use Thai lawyers a number of times. The break is 60/40 very good v very bad.

Hua Hin - traffic accident - bad. Setting up a company - bad

Bangkok - murder case - very good. Defending a Thai against 'defamation of character' - very good

Samui - my wife's estate when she died without a will - very good.

You just roll the dice. Same as anywhere.

In the UK - divorce from my first wife, my lawyer cost me more in mainternance every time he opened his mouth. I did better after I sacked him and represented myself.

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