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Progress on bridge to connect Koh Lanta with mainland


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Progress on bridge to connect Koh Lanta with mainland

By The Nation



The design for the 2-kilometre bridge to link Koh Lanta with mainland Krabi.


An environmental impact assessment EIA is being conducted for a bridge to connect Koh Lanta with the mainland in Krabi province, the Department of Rural Roads (DRR) said on Wednesday.


The bridge will run from Ban Hua Hin on the mainland to Lanta Noi to solve travel difficulties and boost development potential of the area, said Pathom Chaloeywares, the department’s director-general.


To get to Koh Lanta at present, travellers must take the ferry from Ban Hua Hin Pier to Ban Klong Mak Pier on Koh Lanta Noi, before crossing Sirilanta Bridge to Koh Lanta Yai.


However, the ferry has limited capacity and only operates from 6am to 10pm, leaving tourists at risk of missing their flight on the mainland at peak periods when the ferry is booked up. There is also concern over oil and diesel pollution from the ferry.


The DRR has held a public hearing to gather opinions on the bridge project from local businesses and government agencies.


Participants okayed plans for an extradosed bridge spanning 1,950 metres.


An extradosed bridge, usually built over relatively short spans, combines features of box-girder bridges and cable-stayed bridges.


Details of the project are expected to be finalised around March 2021 before a budget is requested in 2022. If approved, construction will get underway in 2023 and be completed in 2025.


Source: https://www.nationthailand.com/news/30397764



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Another day, another dream and another artist's impression. To add to the other dreams of suburban canals, shipping canals, super highways, high speed trains, grandiose airports, new shipping ports to cope with diminishing exports........more borrowed money, more debt, more high Chinese interest rates.......

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On 11/11/2020 at 6:52 PM, PJPom said:

Good idea but I will miss the Ferry ride, it was always pleasant to have the short sea trip. 


I agree. The ferry ride is a pleasant novelty, albeit could be better with some improved ferries and service. I will also lament the views / unspoilt environment, oil pollution excepted, with another gross scar on the landscape, akin to slashing a knife across a beautiful painting.


However, change is inevitable in the march on progress, but this could be seriously detrimental to the environment and atmosphere in Lanta. You only need to look at the ridiculously designed and incongruous dual carriageway / 6-lane highways being built on the West coast route of Lanta Yai island, to accommodate the projected traffic, with no soft landscaping, bicycle lanes with electric posts in the middle, already overtaken by businesses and motorbike parking rendering them useless for the purpose intended, with extremely dangerous / unprotected 'U' turns and ineffective lane diversion markings, a raised central reservation for the full length of the village encouraging traffic to travel the wrong way down the carriageway. etc...


Thankfully the new roads on the East coast route are far better scaled and more suitable for the purpose. Now all that's needed is a campaign to encourage the people living alongside the road to clean up their frontages to the roadside and provide suitable off road parking spaces to avoid the new roads being clogged up with parked vehicles. Not an inconsequential task considering the lack of property / environmental pride on the island, and the excessively increased elevation of the new roads.


All this money spent, and a lost opportunity to create a pleasant, comfortable, safe and welcoming environment.

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