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Was at GlobalHome today and noticed bottles of humic acid on the shelves in the gardening section. As I had no idea what good this does in the garden, I've read up on it. So now that I understand what it is, I want to know is it really worthwhile getting it? How often should it be applied and in what quantities? 




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Humic substances, humic acid, fulvic acid, humin are very valuable components in a soil and plant health program with many benefits. I use humate ore (leonardite) and its derivatives regularly in soil amendment mixes and fulvic acid in foliar fertilization.  But quality matters and there are many poor quality products that are sold to the unknowing. 


AgroLig is available in Thailand, I bought it from bonemeal.net. 

Agro-Lig | Minerals Technologies Inc.


Read more about benefits through this link and the attached article

Organic Humate Fertilizers - Humic and Fulvic (agsolcanada.com)


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