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Hun Sen: Lakes filled in for nat’l developments


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Prime Minister Hun Sen has announced continued operations to fill some lakes in Phnom Penh to create land for developments, though he is against the unrelated practice of damming rivers or blocking waterways.


Speaking at the inauguration of the Ministry of Public Works and Transport headquarters in the vicinity of the Boeung Tamok Lake in northern Phnom Penh on January 22, Hun Sen said the capital today is not just developing within the old city limits and that over time it has expanded from being 300sq km to over 700sq km.


read more https://www.phnompenhpost.com/national/hun-sen-lakes-filled-natl-developments

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4 hours ago, natway09 said:

The Chinese have arrived there as well 

The Chinese own the country. Every time I hear some ill-informed person tell me Cambodia is cheaper than Thailand I want to slap them. Rental and supermarket prices in particular are very poor value compared to here. The Chinese have made Phnom Penh an expensive dump to live in.

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