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I am going to use some 1" Uniseals in a project. 

Seems the Uniseals take Schedule 40 PVC pipe.

I have 1" 13.5 PVC pipe and can't find a relationship between dimension ration 13.5 and schedule 40 pipe. 

I don't have any 8.5 pipe.

Is schedule 40 pipe equivelant to DR 8.5 or 13.5 pipe?


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1" Schedule 40 is 1.315" OD = 33.4mm.


Thai 1" PVC is nominally 34mm OD.


The 13.5/8.5/5 just references the wall thickness. The OD is the same for all thicknesses but 1" 13.5 is pretty close to 1" Schedule 40.


Should fit your Uniseals OK.



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Just now, carlyai said:

I got them from Robert Aquaponics Thailand.

Rob Bob aquaponics guy in Aus is selling them too. If Robert doesn't have the size you want, Rob Bob may...look for Rob Bob aquaponics videos for his contacts.

If you get the 1" like me you need a 44 mm hole saw that you can buy off Lazada...... give away price B560.  Think it's cheaper to buy bulkhead fittings for flat surfaces.

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