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3BB, Outlook and Yahoo Mail


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I have used Outlook to access Yahoo Mail on 3BB Fiber Optic for years here in Thailand.  For three days Outlook has not been able to send or receive Yahoo emails.  This has happened in the past, but it has been several years.  After trying for several minutes I get the prompt to enter my user name and password for both pop.mail.yahoo.com and smtp.mail.yahoo.com.  After trying multiple times get the "server rejected your login" and "doesn't support your encryption", etc.

**  Yahoo Mail in browser is working fine. 

**  Verified password in browser mail and Outlook are correct.

**  Nothing has changed on computer --  no new software loaded...no change to Bitdefender settings.

**  Tried switching to our backup 3BB line (not fiber) and same problem.  (Verified IP addresses were different to be sure the connection was changed)

**  Have used POP3 995 and SMTP 465,  SSL encryption for years.  I did try changing to SMTP 587 which I used years ago.  Same thing.

**  Someone in other side of house uses GMail and Outlook on same 3BB Fiber line and he is having no problems.  His POP3 is 995 and SMTP 25 (I even tried SMTP on a lark but didn't work)

**  Tried using VPN out of curiosity...same thing.


I've read countless Yahoo and Outlook support sites but nothing more than what I had tried above.


Is anyone else having the same problem this week?  Any ideas? 

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17 hours ago, Digitalbanana said:

Have you tried getting a Yahoo Mail App password for Outlook? That's what fixed it for me since Yahoo updated their security for third party apps like Outlook. Nothing to do with 3BB afaik.

Thanks for the hint!

Was wondering why I can't use yahoo Account with 3rd party SW (Zimbra).

Now it is working/sync...

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