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Sangsee Farm: Thailand’s premier wagyu breeding farm

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Sangsee Farm: Thailand’s premier wagyu breeding farm 






Sangsee farm is Thailand’s premier wagyu breeding farm.

Beef is supplied all over Thailand with a wagyu beef butchers shop in Pattaya.


Farm is located in cow country Yasothon and visitors are welcome by appointment.


Fresh chilled wagyu beef is available from butcher shop in Pattaya, orders need 4 weeks lead time 


Quality, flavour , texture and tenderness as good as any comparable import from Australia, Argentina or the US


Pasture raised then 365 day grain fed , age at harvest 30 months, Wagyu steer,F2 (75 %) MS at least 4, dry aged 21 day , orders are now being taken, available in 6 weeks.




Price list of wagyu beef available from Pattaya shop:


Ribeye no bone 1250THB

Ribeye bone in 950

Sirloin steaks 850

T bone 800

Rump steak 750

Chuck steak 700

Top round 600

Bottom round 550

Brisket 500

Stewing steak 500

Flank steak 500

Short ribs 500

Ground beef mince 450



Wagyu beef lovers pack , 25 day dry aged ms2/3.


What do you get?

1kg ribeye steaks

1kg strip loin steaks

1kg sirloin tip steaks

1kg sirloin steaks

1.5 kg rump steaks

1.5 kg chuck steaks

1.5 kg bottom round steaks

2 kg brisket

1 kg shank

1.2 kg chuck roast

1.2 kg stewing beef

2 kg premium mince

15.6 kg of premium wagyu for only 9999 bt incl delivery


Only from Sangsee Farm “paddock to plate” - find us on Facebook


For orders and questions please contact here: https://www.facebook.com/102506608066735/posts/254203212897073/



EMAIL:  [email protected]





We visited Sangsee Farm and were very impressed.

We sampled some rump steaks for lunch, which were very tender and had really good flavour.

We took home a beef pack and we are going back for more!

John Rutherford







colin prudent beef pack.jpg


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