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Buying wildlife lens through Lazada/shopee

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I've been looking to buy a large wildlife lens (Tamron G2 600mm zoom for Nikon). 

They are rather expensive from the big brand stores (around 44,000 ) - which come with 3 year brand warranty, and are completely legit.

Where as they are much cheaper from less credible stores, which sell through lazada and shopee too (around 30,000). I have spoken to these shops (three different but similar stores) and they assure me they are brand new (not refurbished) and nothing seemed too fishy. They have actual physical stores in malls in Bangkok too, so I can test the lens first etc. And the lenses come with 1 year shop warranty (not brand warranty) and they are returnable if faulty etc.

I'm hoping someone will know why they're significantly cheaper?? Or has had good or bad similar experiences?? 

They could be 'grey markets', selling under the RRP, or refurbished, or fake...

These lenses are quite complicated, requiring firmware updates, and if they're tiny faults in the focus or something it would probably be quite hard for me to spot..... It's a lot of money for me, and 40K + is well over my budget, so I am leaning towards the cheaper option.. 

Kind regards, 



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