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Aquaponic/hydroponic Update

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Got my 2000 L 4 grow beds mostly sorted. Split system with mineralization tank as work in progress.

About 200 Pla Nin about 8 cm now. Crapping and eating like crazy.

Backwashing my bubble bead filter 3 time a week now into the mineralization tank, then airate for 2 days then use the liquid as fertaliser in the greenhouse sump tank and on the garden. Still early days with research on this.

Bell siphones never miss a beat. Just threw packets if seeds in the grow beds and now have tomatoes, kale, lettuce at the moment. All growing great.

Nearly finished the electrics set up, still some work to do.

I changed the fish tank to filter pump as was an inverter type and not powerful enough, so now have Sonic 9000 lph pump, which is making the filter function better. Just finishing off the air and water pumps redundancy. 









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