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My Visa will expire before I can return

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Good Day All,

 I have a non imm "o" type visa which I have extended by marriage (for the last 6 years), and I don't think I will make it back to Thailand before it expires at the start of August, ( am in the UK and have work commitments. Plus all the hoop jumping Thailand requires), my 400k has been seeding in my Thai account for 6 months.

 I think I will just have to accept that it will expire, unless any visa guru out there knows anything I can do from the UK or if my wife could do something in Thailand.

Many thanks in advance.


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OP, all your options are covered in first reply.

If I was in your situation, personally my vote would be enter visa exempt. All the funds in place so your application for non O and subsequent 12 month extension easy process.

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For me the ultimate decision on how to enter would be decided by how convenient (or not) your local Immigration in Thailand was easy to access and deal with.


Entering VE:

Pros - no E-Visa application required.

Cons - require an outbound ticket.

           - requires 2 visits to your local IO to obtain a Non O Visa.

Entering Non O:

Pros - can apply directly for an extension.

         - no return or outbound ticket required.

Cons - Need to apply online, then post documents to obtain Visa.

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a fresh non imm from Thai Embassy would be the way to go. depends on if they require 40/400 insurance as well as the covid $100,000 insurance, visa exempt would require a return ticket, tourist visa would require a non 'O' from immigration, and then an extension.

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24 minutes ago, steve187 said:

visa exempt would require a return ticket, 

It does not need to be RETURN ticket. An onward ticket to any destination would suffice. 

Either choose cheapest outbound flight and chuck it or obtain 'rent a flight ticket' from net. Approx 12usd.

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