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Does my Thai Girlfriend need a Return ticket to fly to the UK?

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My Thai girlfriend has recently got a Visit Visa for UK (thanks for help and advice here on that!).  I'm looking to book her a one way flight to UK, with plan to fly back together to Thailand early next year - maybe via Phuket if the sandbox is open and working well.


She will be flying this time from Bangkok, and if I get a return ticket to Bangkok, she may have to pay to go into state quarantine (it's now being charged for according to my girlfriend), instead of going to Phuket sandbox.


That's why I want to get just a one way ticket for now, but don't want her to have any problems getting her flight, or at UK Border control.  


Wondering if anyone has any experiences with this, or any advice about what's best to do?





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There is no legal requirement to have a return ticket to enter the UK, be you a visa national or not, but you may have to demonstrate that you have the means and intentions to leave the UK at the conclusion of your trip. You could however encounter difficulties if you don't have a return ticket.

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Most airlines are still allowing you to change / cancel bookings much more easily then they normally do. Could you get her a one-way to Phuket and change it if it turns out to be better to fly in to BKK?

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It won't be good if they ask to see ticket at UK immigration.


And they do these things.


We were asked and had a multiple entry visa scrutinized as well in 2018.


It was Manchestet Airport and his excuse was " we don't get many of these ! " it was our second visit in just over a year, and first time we only stayed 18 days.


He then asked how long intended stay, purpose of visit, return ticket. And a flip through the passport.

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9 hours ago, 2 is 1 said:

Many airline not even let you boarding if you dont have return ticket.


Some carriers certainly take that line, but possession on a return ticket is not a requirement of the UKBA.


Border Force Officers must be satisfied that the passenger they're landing is going to leave the UK at the conclusion of their visit, and have the means to do so.


Many Border Force Officers will often ask for sight of a return ticket as that's an easy option, albeit that they're probably aware that having a return ticket doesn't mean the passenger will use it.

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It often depends upon the airline and the person at check in. My Thai wife flew from Brazil to have a holiday in Thailand. She had a Brazilian Residents visa but was denied check in. I got a desperate phone call and fortunately had booked with Expedia. They created a dummy flight and spoke directly with checkin at BBK. All sorted in an hour but not much fun for my wife.

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My GF, has a 5 year UK multi entry visa. Transited through Doha, and prior to boarding for LHR flight was asked to show her return ticket. 

Also UK border force at LHR asked to see her return ticket! 

Other times no questions asked? 

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