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2 bedroom condo close to BTS onnut, maximum price?

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Hi all,


We are looking for a 2br condo. Based on the current market, what would be the best price to negotiate rent for this condo?



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not sure what the max price is but theres some really cheap condos in onnut that are fairly nice, i never looked too hard at 2bds but i saw some in better areas for around 25k so im assuming onnut is cheaper. i like property hub, better prices and the ease of searching/filtering is good 


ideo mobi 93 is in bang chak and has some for 20-25k, that was one of the places i was looking at for a budget condo, has like three 7/11's right outside the condo and the BTS is literally right outside the condo. They have a kerry express inside the condo building too for easy shipping, only reason i didn't rent a unit here was the gym wasn't open yet

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