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Please anonymise my account


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Thank you very much for the forum, I have found it valuable over the years. However I no longer need my account on here and find that I cannot delete it.


I understand that you might not want to delete accounts and all their posts because it leaves gaps in the discussions. As I have not published any personal information, I am fine for my posts to remain.


However, you are holding my personal information in your database and I would like for this to be removed. Can you please remove my email address and replace it with your own, or with a dummy one such as "<anything>@example.com" (this domain is reserved for testing so will not result in accidentally sending email to someone else).


As I am based in the UK and this forum is (I think) based in Hong Kong, I don't expect UK privacy laws to apply, so I am relying on your good will. Again, thanks for providing the forums, it is a great resource.


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15 minutes ago, Atlantis said:

I think you probably need to email [email protected]

Even then, I'm not sure if they'd be willing to delete your details (for cost or commercial reasons?)

Would be nice to hear back from any Admin staff if OP does get his away.

Actually, less of a secretive mess if the OP took care of these things himself.

If the great worry is one's personal standing email account that's used for ID here at AN, he needs to easily change his official ID. 


Create a bogus temporary email account [Gmail is easiest]. 

Log on here. Go to your settings where one can change email address, password, etc. 

Go through the procedure to change your email to the bogus account. 

Log in to your temp email account to confirm the change. 

Confirm/save the AN settings.

Finally, delete the bogus email account. 


Problem resolved.

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