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Visas for Wealthy Expats

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In the last few weeks, the Thai government released details of new visa options that will be offered to wealthy expats. As a condition of these special visas, applicants must obtain heath insurance cover of $100,000 USD in order to qualify for such a visa.  There is little information about the health insurance requirement or how much it is likely to cost. Does anyone have any information on whether such health insurance will be available to those with pre-existing medical conditions  and how much it is likely to cost? One visa category, requires an applicant to take-out heath insurance cover - as described above of some $100,000 USD - while at the same time investing  $500,000 USD in government bonds. Why would the government require a person placing such a hefty amount into its own government bonds - to also hold health insurance ??


I get the distinct impression that this requirement ( regarding holding heath insurance ) will be extended to those  currently living in the Kingdom on retirement visas ( like me- unfortunately).  !!    

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One must be insane to invest 500K in government bonds, that is not a solution for the rich but for the insane. Elite visa would suit way better, after merely 1 year in poor yearly returns you would have paid 5 years of the Elite visa already, 2-3 years for 20 Elite visa years.

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