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Tourists allowed to come to the Philippines. Oct 2021

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My buddy, after a dozen trips to Thailand, ended up getting engaged to a Filipina after just one trip there, then got married, then got her to the USA. Now they are getting divorced.  Time will tell how that goes money wise.  Anyway, he likes the PI.  It sounds like PI will be doing something similar to Thailand's COE, get stuff done in advance, etc. 

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37 minutes ago, PureBlood said:

There was a youtube channel which had dozens of videos "why you should never marry a Fillipinas" where a guy called Terry documented cases of how guys got screwed over.


He had been married and divorced from with a couple of Fillipinas.


In the words of a great sage, if it flies, floats, or <deleted>, it is cheaper to rent.


Great news that the Philippines is opening up. I was shocked that Duterte went limp and pro-vax,  pro-lockdown. Hopefully Manny Pacquiao will replace him. It is wonderful country.

I play a lot of poker in California.  I would say about 1/3 of the older male dealers have Asian wives, and it is about 50 50 split between Thais and Filipinas. At work at Northrop in San Diego, many of my co workers had Filipina wives.  The best description or comparison I come up with is something like "Thai marriages will be a smooth ferris wheel ride, filipina, marriages will be a wild up and down roller coaster ride"

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Clearly a "click bait" title.


Why is this being presented as "News"?


A waste of time...


By the way...  This YouTuber admitted ON VIDEO that she didn't want to get vaccinated, so she acquired a blank vaccination card and filled it out herself.  Her behavior should have legal consequences.  But she has money, so there will be none.  Automatically loses all credibility with me...

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What an untrue & totally misleading article

Does Snoop actually live here & check anything before posting (really hope he doesn't get a salary for this tripe) 

I know of expats married to Filipinas all tests done marriage cert etc 

They were told need visa beforehand to enter no VOA & if married the wife has to travel with them!! 

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