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Current Insurance requirements for 1 year OA extension

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Hi can i ask what the current insurance requirements are for a 1 year extension ?

My current Visa extension expires 15 Nov 2021 and i need to do a 1 year extension.

I use the 800K in the bank method.

Last year the additional requirement was an annual  health insurance policy which i purchased  (LMG)  at 7000 THB.


I went back to the UK in December  2020 to get my father into a care home and got stuck there until I could get vaccinated. To  get a COE for my return to Thailand on 10 Jul 2021   I had to buy compulsory Covid US$100K cover until 15 November Visa expiry date  which was 13,000 Baht for 6 months.


LMG sent me a renewal at 8000 Baht but dont offer the covid cover. Do I need both for an OA visa ?

I will need to visit the UK again for family reasons a couple of times in the next 12 months.

Do I still need both kinds of cover?

Is anyone offering both in a combined policy that is acceptable for both Visa and entering the country purposes ?   


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Thanks. I cant use it but it seems the smart thing to do if you plan to travel is to travel just before your visa/extension  expires . 

If I travel this December 1st i'll have to buy Covid cover for 12 months at something like 22K for the year.

If i travel next October 1st I'd only have to pay for for a couple of weeks.

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Having looked at this again - While I agree it isn't mandatory  I'd suggest if you are applying for your OA extension and you plan to travel outside the country in the near future you might as well just start the US$50K insurance now.  

The new entry requirement for foreigners seems to be $50K for all health issues for the duration of your visa (not just Covid) so you wont be able to top up the basic OA 40K Baht plan with a Covid only  plan as before. 

I'm writing to insurer to see if they will allow a top up to the basic 40K Bath plan to meet the new requirement if I travel but i'm not holding my breath.  


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