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Apple Preorder


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Hi there any one else preordered the New iPhone 13 Pro Max (512GB)


For my Wife's birthday, I ordered the iPhone and 3 accessories  shortly after midnight on 5th October. I received a couple of hours later the confirmation that the phone will be delivered between 8th and 12th. I wasn't able to book a pickup at both Apple Stores as the option was greyed out on Apples website.

During the 5th October I got an SMS that said good News your Order will get delivered early, by 6th October, which I was surprised.

The official release day was the 8th. and hoped it will be send by that date. But it didn't got delivered, what was delivered on the 6th was only 2 out of 3 accessories I ordered.

Went shopping on Sunday 10 and checked Apple iStudio, Banana and some other stores in the Mall at the most Shops the Phone I had preordered been available.

My first thought was Ohh, how come, I need to preorder when I'm able to get the phone right here?

However I felt a bit betrayed by Apple an there Preorder System, as it look like due their shortage they, may their strategy is sell as much Preorders, let these people wait and we can sell the phones which been delivered in the stores again, so we generate a bigger cash flow.

My experience with preorders from Samsung (2x Note 9 and Note 10) a very satisfied as they deliver at the release day and even for they preorder Samsung upgraded the size of memory.

Apple ....very disapointed


Anyhow I got the device on 12th but still my 3 accessory not yet arrived, which will be shipped according to Apple by 19th October.

What I not understand Apple say they are committed to be environment friendly and not input a Charger, so they can make the box the iPhone is in smaller and safe the environment. I get so far 1 big box for the iPhone  and 1 big box for the 2 accessories which been again in 2 smaller boxes. Not to mention the delivery service with their cars(delivery got sent from Singapore)

This how Apple call protect the environment, looks like they try here the same as mentioned above and for me not look at all to safe the environment, instead get more money out of their customers.

this my personal experience, and I believe a Company like Apple should do much better. 


Yesterday, in Bangkok Post was also and article about Apple

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You do not get the point its not about get mugged off its about their preorder system.

But do we not get everywhere mugged off, even yourself??


By the way I can afford to spend that money on my wife as she work for me in my company, if you can't afford it then its up to you, at the end you leave the same everyone else. With 0.


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