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Despite rising efforts to reopen the economy in all areas, Phnom Penh tightens administrative procedures.


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The municipal government of Phnom Penh has chosen to extend its administrative measures for another two weeks, from October 15 to 28, in order to battle and prevent the spread of COVID-19, particularly the Delta version.

The news was released in the evening of Thursday, as is customary for Phnom Penh authorities, crushing the dreams of numerous companies that were prepared to reopen, particularly in the F n B sector, such as bars.


High-risk occupations and enterprises, including as cinemas, KTVs, nightclubs, beer gardens, and other types of entertainment industries, must temporarily close for another 14 days, according to a government decree published this evening.


This has been going on for months, and there have been several losses and closures.


The biggest exception was the rise in the number of individuals allowed at private gatherings from 15 to 50, which came with its own set of exclusions, according to the report.


The instruction said that all non-restricted occupational and business activity, as well as gatherings, must follow the health safety guidelines to the letter.


Youk Sambath, a spokeswoman for the Ministry of Health, said yesterday that an inter-ministerial committee will plan strategies for the country's safe reopening in order to stimulate the economy, and that this will necessitate public participation in health measures, particularly the 3Dos and 3Don'ts.


"We've already created documents pertaining to Cambodia's opening up, and we'll give these recommendations to the government so Prime Minister Hun Sen may decide on the conditions for tourists to enter the country," Sambath said.


Many people are outraged by Phnom Penh's continuous administrative actions, despite the fact that the city has been dubbed the world's most vaccinated capital. Khmer Times/AKP

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