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PM: If the COVID situation remains unchanged, Cambodia may be able to resume economic activity in all sectors in the near future.


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PM Hun Sen announced today that the COVID situation following Pchum Ben has greatly improved as a result of vaccination - indicating that, if the situation remains unchanged, Cambodia might resume economic activities in all areas in the near future.

The PM indicated in a special message given today that there was no outbreak of COVID 19 after the Pchum Ben celebration, when people's activities were open.


As a result, he views this outcome as significant and a result of immunization, which Cambodia achieved nearly 100 percent of the time as anticipated.


The Prime Minister claims that immunization is critical in combating COVID 19 and lowering death as a result of the virus's impacts, as well as preventing the disease's spread, saying:


"Our vaccines have gone so smoothly that over 13.5 million individuals have been vaccinated so far, covering over 85 percent of the population," says the official.


He went on to say that the majority of COVID deaths were caused by serious sickness, and that they were in critical condition when they arrived at the hospital.


In all of these instances, the vaccine provides a strong protective foundation to protect people's lives, and if they are infected, the infection does not progress to a serious level.


And now, following the second dose, it's time to administer the third dose in accordance with the area, to the location where the injection was previously administered, which is currently conducting an injection campaign in Phnom Penh, which takes a long time.


It takes 4 to 6 months to go from the second to the third dose.


The PM also noted that Cambodia now has enough vaccinations in storage for vaccination, and that if the situation remains unchanged, Cambodia will reopen economic operations in all sectors in the near future.


The Prime Minister continued to urge those who have not been vaccinated against COVID 19 to do so in order to safeguard their health from the disease, stating that the vaccination is the most effective approach to combat it.


The Prime Minister believes that the people of Cambodia will band together to face the challenges posed by COVID 19 by lowering the rate of infection and death.

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