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A POSSIBLE treatment for Covid being trialled in Thai prisons


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I'm not posting this as Scientific fact, or with any hidden agenda......  just "FYI" to the forum to make of what you will.


Thailand inmates are taking green chiretta to fight mild COVID – here’s what we know about this herbal drug



"As far as we know, full data for this intervention has not been released to the international scientific community and details of the study are sparse. "

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andrographis paniculata ฟ้าทะลายโจร has been touted as a covid treatment since early in the pandemic.  Lots of Thais take use that herb for a variety of ills, and I know of several who have taken the herb on a daily basis in hopes of keeping the virus at bay.  Capsules of the herb are available in 7-11.  I've lived here for 25 years and I take 3-4 capsules whenever I'm feeling a bit off or a cold coming on.    Many people have the herb growing in their yards.

If it were a panacea, I doubt the government would be spending gazillions in vaccinations.

Will I continue to use it?  Yes, indeed.  Does it cure/prevent covid........I doubt it.

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