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suzuki ertiga conversion to LPG

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I got 8 years old ertiga with over 150k on clock.

With rising prices of petrol (now even e20 is over 30b, at shell 31.82b) I am thinking about installing lpg, which is stable.

In India ertiga is made at factory with LPG and NGV, but imported to thailand is from Indonesia and they do only petrol.

Thai believe, that this engine, as well as all suzuki models, are only for petrol.

I don't drive much now, but town and about weekly 200km round trips.

Usage will be higher, when converted, just cheaper travel encourages more journeys.

forecast for 1 year is fall from the $1.10 to 90c, but I don't know how reliable this forecast is.



Does anybody have any experience or thoughts.

Thanx in advance 

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Our town car, on LPG since new, over 220,000 Km now

Burns no oil. Runs like a Swiss watch.

Cost per Km half of the required 95 octane.

Use LPG or CNG spec oil and Iridium sparkplugs

Ours converted from old style LPG system to Multi Port last November.

Tank needed changing anyway so took the plunge


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is it ertiga or some other suzuki?

was LPG factory installed or you lost guarantee and installed by yourself?

what production year?

why did you convert to multi port, if cng is more expensive than lpg and if it requires large and very heavy tank?

I do have also honda city on ngv factory made 8 years and 320k, it's used much more because cheaper to run. But it's a small car, not enough for family and luggage (half of boot is a 10 litre tank).


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