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Thi Lo Su waterfall surveyed ahead of planned reopening


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By Namo Vananupong


TAK (NNT) - Officials responsible for Thi Lo Su Waterfall in Tak province have surveyed the condition of the wider area around the waterfall to prepare for its reopening to tourists in the upcoming cold season, and collected garbage that had been swept in by recent floods.


Thi Lo Su Waterfall remains closed due to the COVID-19 outbreak, with roads leading to the attraction damaged by forest runoffs and landslides that occurred during the storm season. However, members of a local tourism promotion association and officials from Umphang Wildlife Sanctuary have discovered that the popular rafting route near the waterfall is highly viable and safe for rafting.


The group said parts of the land route from the main checkpoint of Umphang Wildlife Sanctuary to Thi Lo Su Waterfall needed repairs, which can only commence once the rainy season passes and the soil is dry.


The survey team also collected garbage and made improvements to the banks of the stream that receives water from the waterfall, as they surveyed the area. Garbage and other items were swept into the stream when a large flood occurred in Tak province in late September. The team was able to collect 3-4 truckloads of garbage.


Thi Lo Su Waterfall is expected to reopen to tourists in the upcoming cold season if the COVID-19 situation does not escalate. Rafting, mineral water ponds, and a sea of fog are some of the attractions offered at or near the waterfall.


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9 hours ago, KhunLA said:

But will they stop the 'our vehicle only' scam policy for transport to, even if owning a 4X4.

Doubtful .... TIT

Last time I went there you needed jacked suspension and mud plugger tyres as well.

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