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Demo clubs at a driving range?

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I'm looking to get new irons, and I'm amazed that, here in the Pattaya area, there doesn't seem to be an option to try out clubs on a driving range before you buy them.  The best I found is a couple 9f places that you can hit into anet.


I'm willing to travel to Bangkok, if neccesary, if I can find a place to really try out different demo clubs.



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Quite a few years ago, (I'm guessing 7 or ???? when I bought my last set of Irons here in Bangkok, I spent several afternoons at the All star golf complex (its on google maps).


At the time they had a lot of different brands shops, and all of them allowed you to take a club on to the range and try it. I found the service there was great, and ended up buying a set of Callaway irons that just 'worked' for me after hitting a pile of balls with them.


I tried Ping, Titlliest, Taylor Made, Callaway, Mizuno, all with no problem.


It is a bit of a pain to get to, but if you want to try before you buy I can recomend the service. 


However, I haven't been there for a long time, so it may be worth making a phone call before coming up from Pattaya for the day!


Hope that helps.

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If your interested in certain brands go to their website and search for fitting centers in Thailand. I know Taylormade  and Titlest have places in Bangkok. I almost picked up a new set of irons in May (US - Utah and SC). They were out of all the sets I wanted to try and was a 6 week wait from factory. I did not have the time to wait. They were also getting full price for everything since there was little inventory. They had plenty of drivers, fairway, and rescue clubs  

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