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Where I found Epsom Salts - Magnesium Sulfate in Bangkok


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I spent quite awhile tracking down some Epsom Salt or Magnesium Sulfate for a bath to relieve pain.


Would like to share where I found it for others who may be struggling to find some in Bangkok.


If you have time to wait there are lots of sellers on Lazada and Shopee now but do not pay too much. Some want several hundred baht for a kilo or less. I got mine for 35/kilo.


If you are in the Bangkok metro area, and in a rush like me, this shop is just off Lat Phrao MRT station.


I did not even have to go down there, I contacted them by phone (in Thai) to ask them the quickest way to get the product. They told me to send on LINE: My name and address with the name of the hotel/apartment and they ordered a grab delivery for me. Just sent them a bank to bank transfer and received the product shortly after.


I just had a really good experience with them so I highly recommend them if you are in need for Magnesium Sulfate.




Link to location. I think this is the other sister chemical company.



They have Lazada and Shopee shops as well.

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You know, Epsom salts really don't relieve pain.  All they do is make the bath water nice and silky, so lying about in the tub is a more pleasant experience and you're likely to remain in the hot water longer.  Don't overdue it because you can absorb magnesium through your skin and this could be a problem if you have kidney problems.  At a minimum, it may cause you to have loose stools.


I was marketing manager for a large chemical company and for a time, their magnesium sulfate business was in my portfolio.  We supplied bulk quantities of magnesium sulfate to specialty companies that repackaged it, some selling it into markets where it was hyped for its health benefits.  I stand by what I wrote in my first paragraph concerning the value of Epsom salt water baths. 


As for the problem of adsorbing magnesium through your skin if exposed to too much magnesium sulfate, the guys who worked in the packaging plant, which was old and dusty, said they never had to use a laxative; they adsorbed enough magnesium through their skin every day.  That part of the plant was over 100 years old and we were in the process of shutting it down when I was associated with the business.

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