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recommend cable type for air conditioner between indoor and outdoor unit.

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bought a new 12000 BTU / 3.5Kw aircon for new installation.  Walked through with a local installer to confirm routing between the indoor unit and outdoor unit.  approximately 12m long with 3 bends.  Looking for recommendation of the correct cable to use that will be routed along with the refrigerant tubes.  Manufacturers documentation indicates that 4 x 2.5 mm sq conductors is suitable.  But it doesnt specify whether it should be solid / stranded or jacketed in a particular material.   Do people use NM / VKF / Romex cable for this purpose?  Or something else specific for routing alongside refrigerant tubing?  If I don't buy the "correct" cable, I have a feeling the installer will run 4 THW wires and use lots of tape.  Installation is 80km outside Chiang Mai, and local electrical shops out there often don't have much inventory. I am in Chiang Mai city and familiar with many local suppliers, so I should be able to find it at one of the bigger electrical supply shops.  Just need a more specific part name / number.  Not too sensitive to cost on this one.  The routing will make this installation difficult to fix later, so i prefer to buy "the best" once and not have to fix it later.  Any recommendations will be greatly appreciated.

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Thanks @Crossyfor the rec. Found VCT 4 x 2.5mm at local shops for 38฿/m and 70 ฿/m depending on brand .  After chatting with the guy at the air conditioning supply shop (chiang mai cooling), I decided I want 5 conductors instead of 4 just in case I need 1 more wire in the future for a different A/C unit or whatever.  My preferred electrical shop (saha faifa) didn't have 5 x 2.5 VCT, so I got 5 x 2.5 CVV cable whose construction looks and feels much better than the VCT with only slight reduction in flexibility for 70 ฿/m.  For what it's worth, the big-box retailer where I bought the A/C system quoted me 600 ฿ / m for the complete set of copper tubes, wiring, and trunking.  15m run would be 9000฿.  I bought all of the supplies myself from local suppliers in CM for 5000฿.  Cost me a bit of time, but worthwhile experience



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