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Arrested: Kratie military commander accused of ‘brutal’ beating, abuse and torture of two 12-year-old girls


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The Commander of the Kratie Military Police, Tep Huy, was dramatically arrested yesterday in connection with the alleged beating, abuse and torture of 2 girls in his luxury home. The 2 victims were domestic workers employed by the accused’s family and have been named as 12-year-old Trek Theara and 12-year-old Vorn Pisey.


They are currently being treated in hospital after their ordeal – which is believed to have been triggered by the death of the accused’s puppy, which was under their care. The two girls are cousins living in Kanhchor village, Kanhchor commune, Chhlong district, Kratie province, and came to work at the house of the military commander of Kratie city for $ 100 a month.


The victims allege that, after the death of the dog, the accused beat them by pulling their hair and hitting them around the head, They also allege that the accused’s children attacked them. The girl’s mother said that her daughter had told her that she had been hit with a machete, made to eat dog dung and then made to sleep in the grave of the deceased puppy.


read more https://www.khmertimeskh.com/50962080/arrested-kratie-military-commander-accused-of-brutal-beating-abuse-and-torture-of-2-teenage-girls/



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they need to give him the same treatment, make him eat dog poo and beat the <deleted> out of him, shows how pathetic these people are to do this to 12 y/o girls, should be removed from the service as well as being locked up, arrogant piece of excrement he is

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