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GISTDA reports over 190,000 hectares of rice fields damaged by recent flooding


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More than 190,000 hectares of paddy fields in Thailand’s central and north-eastern regions have been damaged by prolonged flooding, according to the Geo-informatics and Space Technology Development Agency (GISTDA) based on analysis of satellite images.


Rice-growing areas most affected by recent flooding are Nakhon Sawan, 32792.96 hectares; Nakhon Ratchasima, 27636.96 hectares; Maha Sarakham, 13095.2 hectares; Phichit, 12838.24 hectares; Chaiyaphum, 10378.08 hectares; Surin, 9859.04 hectares; Roi-Et, 9131.04 hectares; Chainat, 6982.4 hectares; Lop Buri, 6838.72 hectares; Buri Ram, 5168.8 hectares; Si Sa Ket, 5110.4 hectares; Phetchabun, 5018.4 hectares; Suphan Buri, 4860.96 hectares; Kalasin, 4088.48 hectares and Sukhothai, 3739.36 hectares.


Information about damaged and vulnerable farmland will be sent by GISTDA to relevant agencies, so they can roll out plans to help affected farmers and develop measures to mitigate the damage.


Full Story: https://www.thaipbsworld.com/gistda-reports-over-190000-hectares-of-rice-fields-damaged-by-recent-flooding/


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If this damage represents lost rice production then, at ½ tonne of Hom Mali/rai, that would be a loss of 600,000 tonnes. Sad if you are one of those farmers but maybe that will be good for the price of rice next year.

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