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At any stage of the process including eVisa, Thailand Pass, or at Immigration in Thailand do we have to show proof of hotel accommodations above your AQ hotel Letter of Confirmation? 


If so, if I am coming for 60 days do I only need to show the first hotel booking I have like we did before at Thailand Immigration or do I need to show hotel confirmation for my entire 60 day stay?  I ask this because I like to go to different areas of Thailand so usually only pre-book my hotels in 1 week blocks.


Thank you.

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You do not need proof of accommodations for the Thailand pass or at immigration when you arrive.

If you are only staying for 60 day you could enter visa exempt and get a 30 day entry that can be extended for 30 days. The airline can request a ticket out of the country within 30 days of arrival. That can be a one way ticket to anywhere.

The e visa site does not mention proof of accommodation for a tourist visa. See: https://thaievisa.go.th/tourist-visa

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I was wondering something similar -- I have "non-O" via agent, and a rental in Bangkok but I don't have any documentation of the rental on hand, so I was wondering if they would be cool with that for after quarantine considering that back in February (for real quarantine) they very much did want to see my post-release booking, which fortunately I had but unfortunately had forgotten to print out.  The officer copied the info from my Booking.com apps.


Anyway nice to hear it's not a requirement.  I'm printing out my address in English and Thai anyway.  I will be sure to post a topic about my experience after I make it through the Q queue.

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