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Starlink from the UK use in Thailand


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  • metisdead changed the title to Starlink from the UK use in Thailand

No.  Starlink is not available here.


(At least, I put a Bangkok address into their website and it said "Starlink is not yet available in your area".)

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No your UK account won't work in Thailand. It seems when you sign up you're assigned to a regional cell, so if you move out of your region it won't work.

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Said to be coming in 2022 here.


Last I heard they were looking a local partner. Unless it's someone from one of the five families this may not get any traction.


Broadband coverage and 4G is pretty robust save for some challenging rural locations (where demand is measured on one hand).


And end-user start-up costs are quite expensive.


And rainy season.






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I've been keeping a close eye on this. Terrestrial options are so ubiquitous in Thailand I doubt it'll ever be a thing here, except for a few extreme corner case deployments (marine, mountainous non-line-of-sight). Even remote locations can be connected with ground based gigabit point to point radio links over many tens of kilometres at a similar cost. Rain fade also makes Starlink an option of last resort.


I'd consider it as a backup of last resort for network critical sites.





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I moved here in 2003 and used IPstar then from Loxinfo when it was on the Thaicom satelitte, I then moved to TOT when they offered it in 2005 and a dedicated satellite was launched.




Cost 10K a month then but allowed me to run online business and open internet cafe business in Issan.


Shooting games were out as the ping is slow but speeds then were good


I presume Tot still offer it, youd need to ask at a local office

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