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Asthma Specialist Recommendation Bangkok


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As stated in the title I am looking for a specialist for Asthma in Bangkok. It probably could be Allergic Asthma. However, this had never been tested hence, I would like a specialist to narrow it down 


The recent visit to Bangkok Hospital was rather disappointing with the doctor just really focused to offload overpriced medicine (Inhaler for THB777, same is sold for THB280 at a pharmacy outside).


I am looking forward to any input with regards to recommendations of specialist in Bangkok on this issue.

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Not sure were to go and get allergy tests but I have suffered with allergies of different kinds all my life and had a few tests and each one was a waste of time. Not sure what they do these days but used to give you the pin pricks all over your arm and then add certain irritant drops like what must be cut grass, pollen, dust etc. Each time I was just about allergic to everything. It struck me as normal that after sticking a needle in your arm and then adding some sort of drops to it surely it would irritate your skin anyway.


What I can tell you is I have been an Asthma sufferer since I was 8yo, now going on 50 years. Was acute when I was younger but for the last 30 odd years more chronic. Seemed to be worse at different times, ie seasonal changes but I have been on Ventolin during most of these 50 years. I had been reasonably heavy smoker on and off for most of my life also I am ashamed to admit. I had tried preventative sprays etc, quite a few of them and looking back not sure if I didn't persevere, or what....but they didn't seem to make much difference with me. Anyway, particularly the last 10 years my use of Ventolin had increased to where I was going through an inhaler once a week. Maybe sometimes less, sucking on the thing all day and I was still wheezing and congested most of the time. I was actually starting to believe I was heading for emphysema or such (if I didn't have it already) and a probable early death. Sleep issues etc. Was talking to my son a few months back and he mentioned Seretide (the round purple powder inhaler type). He also had chronic asthma and said he doesn't use Ventolin anymore after using the Seretide twice a day. I was skeptical but thought I would try it again. They're not cheap at about 600 baht (enough for 1 month, 60 puffs....2 a day). As it turns out a lot cheaper than the amount of Ventolin I was using. Now there is all probable chance that being a long term Asthma sufferer you are already on some preventative, or tried them before....so forgive me for stating the obvious if this is the case....but if not I implore you to try a Seretide again even if you have before long ago. It has totally changed my life to where I have zero lung problems or congestion.....not anytime...never......and I completely stopped using Ventolin only a couple of days after starting the Seretide. I haven't used Ventolin for 3 months now and feel like I have a second chance at life. If I would have seen myself writing this story 3 or 4 months ago, or 20 years ago I just wouldn't have believed it. I normally take a hit 10am and 10pm at night. I have forgotten to take a puff in the morning a few times...only night time and no ill effects so thinking I might try one puff of the Seretide per day see if it is sufficient. Not sure where you live but if up in the provinces not sure all pharmacies stock it, may need to order as it is an expensive item. Good luck with it all and hope you find the answer

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Make sure it is Asthma. I got treated for ages by different doctors for Asthma only to find out that I didn't have it. I had Helicobacter Pylori lung infection. Simply known as H Pylori. Without going into too much detail it's a bacteria that originates in the digestive tract and gets into your airways giving impressions of asthma. A strong course of antibiotics killed it. A simple stool sample with confirm H Pylori.




Can H. pylori affect your breathing?
H. pylori has been associated with many respiratory disorders, including chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), bronchiectasis, asthma, lung cancer and tuberculosis. Common features of H. pylori infection and chronic lung diseases are chronic inflammation as well as increased immune response.Jul 12, 2554 BE


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