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PM2.5 pollution returns to Bangkok


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5 hours ago, webfact said:

The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) is warning of an increase in PM2.5 dust between December 5th and 7th, especially in Khlong Sam Wa, Min Buri, Nong Khaem, Tawee Wattana, Bang Khae, Bang Khun Thian, and Bang Bon districts.

City of dreams for expats and businessmen apparently.

Can't understand why, unless people like to die of lung disease.

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It is not only Bangkok, but most of the country. When reporting the pollution it is usually only focused on the big cities, and mostly places related to tourism. The fact is that the country side is even more effected than the cities, but that is mostly ignored. In Chiang Rai province it is now really bad. But it has come to a point where only very unheathy and hazardeous is considered bad. I smell burning most of the day. Midday is normally best values but even then it is not GOOD.


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And the burning season (Dec. - April) has only just begun.


Soon pm2.5 air pollution will reach "hazardous" levels and Chiang Mai will be transformed into the most polluted city on the planet. 



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