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Armed "Ya Ba" crazed man hijacks 18 wheeler and is chased for 54 kilometers in Bangkok suburbs


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Picture: Saim Rath


Siam Rath reported that a Thai man high on alcohol and Ya Ba (methamphetamine mixed with caffeine) hijacked an 18 wheel truck-trailer in Samut Sakhon and headed for the Bangkok suburbs.


When he was eventually stopped he had led the Highway police on a 54 kilometer chase. 


The drama started at 3.30 am on Tuesday morning when the man - as yet unidentified - drew a gun on driver Suchart, 55, as he slowed his vehicle.


The man jumped onto the side of the truck and tried to kick out the window. Suchart continued for 15 kilometers to a police booth and then ran off to report what was happening.


Then the man took off in the truck. The trailer came off as he made a turning at one point and blocked the road. 


After going through Rama 2 for many kilometers with the Highway police giving chase the drug crazed man then went the wrong way round Wong Wian Yai roundabout before eventually crashing into a support under the Thaksin overpass. 


One car and another 18 wheeler were damaged in the rampage.


The suspect told police he had taken five Ya Ba tablets with alcohol and had thrown the gun into a river during the chase.


He also claimed that he had previously shot and killed someone. 


Not surprisingly he was largely incoherent.


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The police chased her for 54 km until she went off the road and it was a pity for the Thai police who would have almost reached the world chase record.



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"Suchart continued for 15 kilometers to a police booth and then ran off to report what was happening."

Always take keys with you when you leave your vehicle....

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