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Tourist visa question

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Hi, I've just been granted a 60 day single entry tourist visa.

I'm planning on staying for 88 days (return flights booked) so if I get a 30 day extension that will cover the duration of my trip.

My question is will I be allowed to board the aircraft or to enter Thailand if my initial visa is for 60 days but my flights show I'm staying for 88 days? or should I amend my return flight to be within 60 days?


I'm British and flying from the UK to Thailand on Emirates via Dubai

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3 minutes ago, RedArmy said:

As Dr Jack has said, you have your Visa already, you should be sweet.

Hey Red. Just for anyone reading.


I once was flying x Melb to Saigon.

Had a visa for Vietnam, however only had 5 days remaining.


I had a flight out of Saigon to Bangkok couple days later.

I had to show Jetstar that flight in order to obtain boarding pass.

They were out of line. 

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