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I Will Be your Golf Caddie: I need exercise on the links. I am tired of playing golf, and I just want to carry heavy bags around in the hot sun, while watching others hit their balls into Thick Rough.

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My Dear Friends,


Soon, we will emerge from this pandemic into a New Brave World.


And, I am thinking about ways in which I can recover from two years of unwelcome indolence and the resultant weight gain, concomitant staying-at-home blues, as well as generalized feeling of missing out on two years of my life.


What I need is to get out on the links, see the beautifully manicured fairways, not to mention the sandraps, and even raking them.


To make this short:


I will caddie for you, for free, if you give a large donation to some good cause, maybe.


This is something to consider.


What would you offer to a good cause, in this case?


(Please Note: At my age, I can only carry your clubs, minus your bag. You would need to keep your bag in your cart.)


What is a caddie?

What is a caddy?





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On 1/24/2022 at 2:03 AM, GammaGlobulin said:

What is a caddie?

What is a caddy?

What is a cad?  :biggrin:


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On 1/27/2022 at 2:16 PM, Neeranam said:






Very beautiful piece of craftmanship!


I just ==WISH== I had an abode beautiful enough to house such a treasure.


Unfortunately, where I am living, though not a pauper's place, by any means, such a treasure as you picture would stick out like a sore thumb.


Let us all keep in mind that beauty is important for our common wellbeing.


Thank you for the image which makes me both nostalgic and sad in some ways.



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3 minutes ago, big dendrobenaes said:

if your gunna be a caddy.......what and where is your WORK PERMIT ?????

Does one require a work permit to carry another's leather bag around in the hot Sun, for free?


I think, definitely, NOT.


But, am I mistaken in my judgement about this?


Please elucidate....



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