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Big Joke announces arrest of Trang police captain who fled bail on rape charge against girls aged 12 and 15


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Picture: Siam Rath


A Thai police captain called Wisan Khwannimit, and his wife, are now in custody after he fled bail in Muang Trang, southern Thailand.


He had been charged with rape of 12 and 15 year old girls.


A search of the suspect's house on a warrant found three phones and a gun. Indecent images of the girls while they were being raped over a period of more than one year were found.


The children are now in care after their grandmother went to the Paveena Hongsakul Foundation, as previously reported by ASEAN NOW.


Siam Rath were at Wang Wiset police station where Lt-Gen Surachate Hakpan - the charismatic cop called Big Joke - announced that he was taking an interest in the case now that he is handling crimes against children.


He also set up a committee to investigate the captain's superior for alleged dereliction of duty in relation to showing a blind eye to what was going on.


The girls were raped repeatedly from November 2020 to January this year.


Surachate said that the captain was a pedophile who had three children with a school age girl. 


He said that there were 1,316 cases of serious child abuse reported to the Social Development and Human Security ministry in 2021 and 873 of those cases were committed by family members, 348 by parents.


31.8% were sexual in nature. 


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Good news, i remember the uproar when they caught an suspected foreign pedophile and members were saying they should go after Thais too. It looks like this is happening even if they are cops. So Big joke is not just going after foreigners like the posters on this forum were so afraid about. 

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2 minutes ago, ThaiFelix said:

He paid to be in that position....did you think he was a high ranking officer due to his good deeds??

When it comes to the RTP I NEVER think that 😎

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9 hours ago, RandiRona said:

Good job sir...now do the justice!!

Yes, chop off his you know what and then toss him in jail for the rest of his life. Scum. 

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5 hours ago, Golden Triangle said:

What the F was he doing being in the police ? There is something very wrong with this country sometimes.


Please lock him up and throw away the key.

Easy enough to buy your way in.


If need to take the entrance exam, corruption, electronics etc., used to broadcast the correct answers.


Not difficult.

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