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Krabi celebrated by Booking.com travellers as ‘Thailand’s Most Welcoming City’


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6 hours ago, webfact said:

Mr. Yuthasak Supasorn, Governor of TAT, said “It’s always that bit more rewarding to receive such international accolades as Booking.com’s Traveller Review Awards because they are based on the direct experiences and opinions of travellers themselves. There is no better gauge for excellency than this.”


Krabi earned the prestigious title based on 1.8 million travellers’ reviews of 12,969 hotels in Thailand.

As Thailand didn't have 1.8 million international travelers in 2021 by quite a margin (and not all of them used booking.com either), these reviews were written by domestic travelers for the most part.


Nothing wrong with that as such, but that hardly makes it "international accolades" as per the TAT spin doctor's claim!

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4 hours ago, RandiRona said:

Because hotels are guaranteed to get only positive reviews due to anti defamation law!!

With respect, I believe only if written in Thailand. Save up negative comments and write them when back home and out of "The Hub of Defamation". If any Thai hotel wanted me back in LOS, I would tell them to "Foxtrot Oscar"!!

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