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Dense Smog Hits Chiang Mai


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CHIANG MAI, March 3 (TNA) – This northern province was blanketed with thick smog from forest fire. Its level exceeded the safe threshold by two folds in some areas and local officials had to use fountains in a bid to alleviate the pollution.


The air pollution blocked visibility and irritated eyes in Muang district of Chiang Mai for several days. The safe threshold for particulate matter 2.5 micrometers and less in diameter was set at 50 micrograms per cubic meter of air in 24 hours but PM2.5 levels reached 120mcg at the central stadium of Chiang Mai University in Muang district and 119mcg at the Pichit Preechakorn military camp in Chiang Dao district.


Full story: https://tna.mcot.net/english-news-894432


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Bad news. This smog in CM means we will have it here in the Mae Hong Province very soon. The mountains in the background already look a little bit misty. Must prepare now booking a flight to BKK re. Hua Hin. 


In the weather forecast i have read, next Tuesday there will be some rain here in our Amphoe. We will wait and see. re. fly.

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1 hour ago, hotchilli said:

Time to change the governor... this is remaining an annual event, and time something was done.

If he's not up to the job remove him.

absolutely right, he's obviously not in control! but if this leads to him resigning I doubt that...

after all we are in T.I.Tland!

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I don't know what they are doing aginst the yearly smoke, starting between ~ the end of February or in the first weeks of March.


Every year the same, officials are not ashamed to announce: next year we will clear this problem. The following year no difference. On every big road leading the the center of CM, you are stopped and controlled by the police. It's easy for them to collect the money for every tiny <deleted>. But hunting the fire makers would mean they have to move their but out of the car and hurry..... OMG, that's to hard, leaving the car and searching the culprits.


It would be so easy to make the owner of the land responsible for the burning.

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Same every year forever..


How is newsworthy, like it is some kind of shock surprise?  What do people expect?


So scared of covid yet this toxic stuff is more likely to cause people here serious ill health...but no one seems to give a dam about air pollution..  no money to be make in it is my thought. 

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Are the tourists warned in bkk about CM air pollution or the authorities don’t want to lose that naive meager tourist population headed north?


what tourist wants to willfully enter into severe AP for their holiday?


shameful and negligent behavior by the gov  

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