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Any US citizen recently got married in Thailand?

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I'm a US citizen going to Thailand next month to get married with my fiancée.


While research I noticed that apparently, the Amphur (District Office) wants to know how much I earn from my job. However, I noticed the Marriage Affidavit form provided by the Embassy website does not include this information. I know for certain that in the past it used to be in the form, but not anymore.


My question is, does the Amphur accept it? I'd love to hear from anyone who recently got married in Thailand please.

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Not visa or extension related. Moved to the Marriage and Divorce forum.

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The Amphoe will accept the affidavit that the embassy does.

Proving your income can be separate from affidavit. Even some money in a bank might be accepted by a Amphoe. The proof would have to be translated to Thai.

Not sure all Amphoes ask for proof of income.

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That makes sense Ubonjoe. I just hope the Amphur staff is reasonable and actually does that. They should have no reason to be concerned about how much money I make, or at least that's what I think...


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