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Health insurance for re-entry into Thailand - duration

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Hi everybody, I am currently overseas and plan to return to Thailand in few weeks time. I am on a Non-O visa that had been extended multiple times based on marriage to a Thai national.


My current permission to stay expires in early July 2022, but since I live in Thailand, I will renew it and continue living there.


I understand that I will need to buy health insurance, but I am not clear for how long. Would buying health insurance until the end of my current permission to stay be sufficient to gain entry into Thailand?


Many thanks for your help.

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You will only need 30 days of covid 19 insurance.

When you register for the Thailand Pass select returning to Thailand for the reason for entry.

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Posted (edited)

Theres a great comparison / information page here:

Also tomorrow we will update this page to include MSIG's new low-cost policy (which does not have restrictions like FWD's). 

The new policy is around 660 THB to 1100 THB (and price is also not based on age).

FWD is still a great option if you're just looking for a policy to meet the minimum requirements, but can be troublesome if you do not meet the 14 Day leadtime / 72 hour RT-PCR rule.


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