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renting a condo in Thailand, tips for a first timer

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I have been renting a average apartment for the whole of covid, will be looking to move into a condo at some point in the near future but anything that i should be aware of before renting and what questions to ask?

I am under the impression that when looking online on some sites like DDot property you need to message the agents on Line to arrange a viewing of the room? some pictures on some listings dont give you a full idea of what the room is like and most of the pictures are 3D renders for most part.


Are you able to show up at the condo reception and ask to view the rooms or you have to deal with the agents via line before hand?

Any questions that i should be asking before signing? 

Questions that spring to mind are, water and electric costs, whether i can install my own AIS fiber broadband etc?

Also are the prices that you see on the websites negotiable at all with the agents?

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A lot of Condos have a management office where you can just turn up & ask what available units they have but some (e.g. the Rhythm Condos in Bangkok) insist you make an appointment to view via an agent. 


Having an agent costs you nothing & you're free to switch to a different agent if you see a unit you like with them or if you like your Agent they can act as co-agent with the other agent (This is what mine did for me, in fact she was the one who actually found the unit once we'd narrowed down the building we wanted to be in & the unit type, prior to this she'd showed us around units in every building we were interested in within the 1st 2 days). 


I find... 

  1. https://www.thailand-property.com/ to be the best overall site for searching for condos (I think it's the same site as https://www.dotproperty.co.th/en/condos-for-rent )
  2. https://www.fazwaz.com/ has the best pictures/video tours but their prices typically higher (for the same unit) than other sites
  3. https://www.hipflat.com/  the best site when searching for a unit in a particular condo building

... you're free to offer whatever you think is a good price on any of the sites or via an agent.  


Choice of internet is typically limited to the ISP(s) that provide a service to that condo block but if you're favorite ISP provides a service to the block then you're free to use them). 


A good agent can really help you find the right place so if you can share the area(s) you're looking for you might get recommendations for local agents (I'm in Wongamat & mine is Som from Ocean Properties  https://pattaya-ocean-properties.com/ highly recommended).


Edit: Sorry forgot to add, also check on Facebook marketplace for condos as they're are sometimes some great deals on there. 


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