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How is this STILL allowed to happen ?

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Who do you think you'll be helping Mr Smuggler 

When you say old Englands  home

We are the boys to assist your little game

We will make sure that you do it all again

So who do you think you'll be helping Mr Smuggler

When you know old Englands dumb.

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2 hours ago, Black Ops said:

The country is in a mess !

Well the French hate UK and always has done and former immigrants in UK govt are doing something about it. 😂


My thoughts were from the start of rubber boats why is it not made into law and advertised if you arrive on shore of UK in a rubber boats or picked up by Coast Guard it is illegal for persons to do and you will not be processed, you will be sent back to a country where you can apply formally at UK embassies to enter UK.

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