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Hearing Aids


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Does anyone know of a store that tests hearing and supplies in ear aids?

If there is an online contact also please advise I am in the UK and am wondering whether it is worth buying the aids when visiting later this year.


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I've use Dear Hearing Center in Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Chonburi.  Go to the main office in Bangkok if you can, they are the most complete with tech and repair services on site, the other branches do testing and orders, but send the work to the main office:


326/3-4 Sukhothai Road, Suanjitralda, Dusit, Bangkok 10300
Tel: 02 – 668 – 1300 Fax : 02 – 668 – 1304
Email: [email protected] 


But there are other branches throughout Thailand: 



I recently made an expensive mistake and drowned a Signia in-ear device (over $2000. in the US.) by putting it through the clothes washer and dryer.  The Dear branch in Chiang Mai provided replacement with a Widex device for 35,000, testing, smartphone app and all.  The service was professional and efficient, perfect fit first time, and the quality of the device is the best I've had.  (I'm saving up to replace the other side, which survived the washer and dryer to some extent, but with some loss of clarity.) 

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If I understood Thai, getting hearing aids might be helpful.  But I don't, so old age hearing loss serves to block out the cacophany of a language, whose tonal nature amplifies the drawback of hearing loss.


Meanwhile, I use a headset to listen to my English broadcasts, and to listen to my favorite music. Conversation with English speakers just requires getting closer, with the occassional 'Say What!' Large English speaking get togethers are completely verboten, as the din of noise blanks out all hearing. No big loss -- but small dinner parties are still doable (which, I guess, would be a good scenario to try these new hearing devices.....)

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