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Decaf in Thailand ?


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Did a search and apparently the word Decaf does not appear across the Asean Now forums - so let the snowflake pile on begin. Yes you can get in Tops and Villa. 

I go out for breakfast most days.  I've been trying to order decaf coffee recently. Local coffee shops and chains  and "Asian" chains dont appear to carry it.

Of the chains (in Bangkok and suburbs)  Starbucks and Paul do carry it, Coffee Academics, Black Canyon, Amazon and Au Bon Pain dont.

It was quite entertaining to have breakfast in Coffee Academics Mega BangNa 4  times over the last month and be told  "Decaf finished today".  They offer it on what i assume is the franchise approved menu, but clearly have no intention to sell it.


The overhead is carrying one more bag of coffee.   Curious to  know what the reasoning is. Given the endless Thai coffee shops on every street that sell an identical coffee and cake selection are they all buying from the same "boss" who cant or wont get it made in Thailand ?.   


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I have seen decaf from BonCafe at our MAKRO.

Near double the price of other Arabica.

And one of the few things that has improved at Lotus's after the takeover is a wider choice of real coffee.

Can swear I have seen at our small Lotus mall.


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