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Floods and Honda

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Pardon my ignorance but I wonder if anyone can pitch in here regarding my son's car? It is a 2008 Honda Civic, it has just been driven through some flood water, probably up to the bottom of the doors. Engine was running a bit rough during the drive in the flood but seems fine now. Blew a fuse and he lost his number plate.


I was just wondering if there are any points on the car that need to be greased or lubricated after going through deep water, as I know nothing about these cars whatsoever. I have a Toyota truck and I know that I need to grease the propshaft and any of the ball joints after flooding, but as far as a Civic goes, any tips?



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There are no grease points on a Civic. The suspension and drivetrain should be fine if it was a short drive with water up to the sills. Most likely any problems will be electrical. Check if water has actually entered the car (e.g. wet under the carpets?). External electrical connection blocks are designed to be splash resistant, internal ones are not. Water gets into connector blocks, sits there and causes corrosion. Weeks or months later you're confronted with a variety of random electrical faults. 

If water didn't enter the car then chances are you'll be fine.

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Good chance wheel bearings, depending how long submerged,may need to be replaced down the line.


We had to replace on one of our cars after driving through deep water for quite some distance.  Wheel bearings from the manufacturer we're not sealed.


Why I'll never drive through deep water again.

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