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How to correctly address a mailing in English

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I need to have some important papers mailed from the west, and I have never been sent anything previously. Can someone show me the correct way for someone to address this to me, thanks. 


Jane Smith (not my real name, 555)


Condo is The Avenue Residence 

Unit shows 484/396 condo unit B999 (also not real) 

Soi 15, but have seen Pattaya Sai Song 15 as well. (the road between 2nd Rd and Buakhao) 

Moo 10 I believe 

Bang Lamung


Chon Buri, 20150


Thanks, fran

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Can't help you with the correct addressing as don't know the names in that area very well. What would advise is to use DHL or similar and clearly have your Thai phone number added. As important documents, then do not use regular or priority mail. A proper courier service will call you if any issues locating (rather than returning or binning the item). 


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I'd just use my Lazada address. Use Pattaya Sai Song 15 as it's more accurate, there's loads of soi 15s. I include Pattaya and 20150. The Banglamung, nongprue, chonburi is really surplus to requirements but include if you prefer 

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I live in a big building in lower Sukhumvit



Number/Unit Sukhumvit Soi x

Bangkok 10110



does the job. I never used the other little details. I don't think there is anybody in the mail office who doesn't know Sukhumvit.


That doesn't mean you shouldn't do everything correct, but (likely) you don't have to.


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The general format for houses I've always used is:


[House Number] [Soi and/or Thanon], [Moo Baan]
[A.Amphoe], [Chiangwat] [Postal Code]


In some areas (as in cities), the Moo Baan isn't required, while in rural areas it's an important part of the address.

For a condo, you would probably want to include the building name.

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